Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Winglider - By Lauren Martins, Proto 1 (Progne elegans)

The Winglider proto 1 by Lauren Martins ( Progne elegans )
Area 6.88m2
Span 6.88m
Aspect Ratio 6.88
wingloading at 60kg equiped 8.7kg/sqm2
Average chord 1.00m
Aprox. Calc. GR 15:1
Packed/Folded length. 1.80m
Winglider aprox. weight 8.0kg
Aprox. Sink rate. 1.0m/s

Winglider Definition:  Term first created by Lauren Silva Martins to describe her creation, an aircraft "glider" capable of gain height by soaring and/or thermalling, with the wing attached to the back of the pilot with flexible movements resembling a high aspect ratio soaring bird, together with an inflatable ram-air tail between the legs of the pilot used to help with turning the glider, resembling the tail of a bird and its turning behavior.

Update. Tail and body core finished, now working hard to finish the wings :)

Sunday, 22 December 2013

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