Sunday, 16 February 2014

Boomerang 9 21 first flight, 20km from milk Hill to Liddington Hill. Photo at Liddington Hill SW take off.

Cross country with heavy gear and ballast = nightmare! That said the boomerang 9 21 is just another league from everything else, gliding tail wind at 30:1 is something I never experienced with a paraglider before, simply amazing, although I couldn't turn tight as I usually do with the Icepeak 6 19, maybe because I was a bit conservative on the brakes and turns on the boom 9 as it's my first flight with it. Results of flying big glider with 20kg bag + 8 ballast = broken nail, dragged by strong gust, dirty my Xrated 6, hurt my foot and just managed to finish packing.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

My magic Nitinol rods has arrived!

My magic Nitinol rods has arrived, it worked wonderfully in the Sterna harness, with its superelastic properties, water prof and bent up to 3cm this will change paragliding harness and wing design forever. Stay tuned!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Martins / Sterna paradisaea

My hubby checking my latest... :) After months of heavy stitching, cutting and testing here it is Sterna my new harness 3kg with 2 reserves, certified back protector, fantastic ABS system, Anti-G front pocket, up to 120kg, removable (velcro) fairing system, removable and optional carbon seat plate or hammock, plus 4.5L ballast space under the seat. Video coming soon :)