Friday, 14 November 2014

I'm open to sponsorship for the 2015 season! Here is a little about me, what I can offer to my sponsors

I'm open to sponsorship for the 2015 season! Here is a little

about me, what I can offer to my sponsors.

About me.

Former Falconer, self taught falconry and bird rehabilitation since the age of 10, I flew Falcons and Hawks. Falco femoralis, Falco peregrinus and Geranoaetus albicaudatus are some of the many birds of prey I worked with. I also studied Engineering and Biology at University. I also spent big part of my free time, studying fluid dynamics and aerodynamics for the past 10 years.

I dream about flying since I can remember, my parents can attest my attempts at the age of 6 of gluing feathers in my arms and fingers and jumping from threes, building my own ram air gliders in my mother's stitching machines at the age of 13 is something she won't forget. I Started flying paragliders at the age of 15, again self taught with a 1991 Edel Corvette, due the lack of money or near by instructors, a year later I sat for the pilot test and got my certification as a Pilot.

After almost 10 years flying many wings, harness, studying and doing some longish cross country flying, I decided in 2014 to pursuit my biggest dream, which is to compete and see where do I stand compared to other pilots. My first competition was at the British champs in Ager this year, with 3 valid tasks, with all my inexperience in mountain flying and comps, I manage to arrive in the top 10 in the first task and 44 overall among 120+ pilots.

My goals are, to continue flying paragliding competitions and cross country, make films about my flying adventures, fly tandem with my friends and family, start flying my Hangglider a bit more, finish my Winglider prototype and maybe one day, design gliders that I enjoy flying or teach others to fly.

What I can offer to my Sponsors.

I'm not a world champion or pwc champion but I do have something to offer in return to my sponsorship and that comes in the form of social media, I have a some of 10.000 people following me on social media and my youtube channel has around 5000 views per day, mostly pilots, eager to learn, about flying, gears etc or people who want to learn paragliding. By sponsoring me, your brand will be stamped on my wing for thousands to see, but I will also recommend your company all those who contact me in a daily basis for flying guidance.

What do I expect from my Sponsors.

Help to acquire my flying gears, support for travelling in competitions ( not necessary but that would be a bonus ).

If you are interested, please contact me via facebook or