Thursday, 15 January 2015

UP - Trango XC3 (EN C/D)

UP - Trango XC3 (EN C/D) Beautiful glider with similar trimming as the enzo 2 at the tips but unfortunately the L 27.1 up to 130kg is far too small and won't climb well in weak conditions, for one to have an idea, the R11 up to 130kg which is a much more efficient glider, a 2 liner with higher numbers of cells and aspect ratio is bigger 27.7 at 130g. The trango XC3  at 130kg it should be no smaller than 29sqm for a 3 liner, 68 cells and aspect of 7 glider and the S 21.7 up to 85kg is far too big and will be too slow compared to the other sizes, it should be around 20sqm flat maximum for an 85kg max weight. Its a Mad ass glider {no pun intended Mads Syndergaard). Large and Small pilots, avoid this glider.

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