Thursday, 12 February 2015

2016/17 CCC Paragliding comp Class, S 90kg rule, 14 cm speed limiter and overall M and S top weight range increase over the years.

So the PG world's championships is over and the CCC class was partially a success. The plenary meeting is due soon and there are already some talks in the air of some trying to scrap the already agreed weight ranges of the CCC class. The biggest challenge now is to guarantee that the 50kg female competitors are able to compete for the overall tittle like everybody else, for that to happen they need the same wingloading (speed) and same angle of incidence at full speed as the males, without breaking their bones with ridiculous amount of ballast. The boom 10 S 21.8 and Ice8 S 22.5 were ruined with lower wingloading compared to the other sizes. The Enzo 20.3 at 95kg offers almost the same wingloading (4.6) as the others sizes (4.9) and proved to be very competitive and almost as fast as the others. Unfortunately it's virtually impossible for the majority of the girls fly it 95kg unless carrying (50 pilot + 45 = 95kg) ridiculously dangerous amounts of ballast. Over ballasting compromise safety, handling and landing, girls got hurt because of that. The necessity to reduce the max weight of the S size from 95kg to 90kg even better at 85kg, could not come soon enough, for the safety of the female competitors.
Its a complete paradox that the weight of wings and harness keep getting lighter/lower year by year yet the top weigh range of comp gliders keep getting higher. 15 years ago the max weight of a M glider was 105kg, then it went to 110kg in 2005, then even higher 115kg in 2012. All that, with Western male population averaging around 75kg and eastern around 70kg (75+20 = 95kg), how medium gliders went from 105kg to 115kg is beyond reasoning. The heads of plenary need to stay firm to the agreements, the S 90kg max weight rule, for a safe and more equal competition scene and overall growing sport. A reduction, from 18cm to 14cm accelerator limiter rule and B tab's should also be agreed as soon as possible, to stop manufacturers bulling the testing houses into passing ever more dangerous gliders into certification, otherwise the CCC class will soon become just as dangerous as the old open class (when gliders had accelerator around 18-20cm) causing far too many frontals, leading to death and injury that took the life of many of our friends

Friday, 6 February 2015

Watch Otto Schulz Moderator of Paragliding Forum, Breach his duty yet again and Illegally remove negative karma from his own posts.

Otto Schulz a paraglider and moderator of is well know for booting out of the forum several members who dared to disagree with him, we know about his dictatorial and bigoted behaviour for several years, but what he done this week go even further! Back in 2010 I exposed an unknown fact by then, unlike normal members, moderators had and still have unlimited given negative and positive karma, that means they can breach their duty by ganging up in targeted members, with several clicks of negative karma at a time and submit them into silence.

What surprised me this week go even further! Otto Schulz is now also removing negative karma others gave him fairly using the system.  I didn't pay attention to his negative karma before, but with only 3 days watching him, I already saw him breaching system several times. This specific post of him, contained 6 positive karma and 3 negative, by yesterday 05/02/2015, today 06/02/2015 it contains 4 positive and zero negative, Back in 2010, any time I would disagree with him I would count 40 negative karmas given to me in less than a minute.  I would invite all members who care about a fair democratic place to watch his behaviour.  I will start doing print screens from now onwards to prove some of his other breaches.